Terms and Conditions of Sale



To confirm your reservation you must pay 50% of the total. You have 3 days to make a deposit¬†or advance booking may be canceled. Once this has been received you will be sent a formal¬†confirmation of your booking. The advance can be made by bank transfer to Mari Cruz Totorica¬†name, account number ES94 0182 1767 1002 0151 4257 indicating as “banking concept” your¬†EMAIL. Another possibility is to provide us the details of a credit card for us to make a charge on¬†it.



Cancellations more than 10 days prior to the arrival of the customer, without any surcharge. Customer will be refunded the total of their deposit.

The cancellations made within 10 days before the client’s arrival, the establishment will keep the¬†deposit sent by the client.



–¬†The time of day of entry will be from 15:00 hours.

–¬†On departure day, you must leave the house before 12:00 am.

–¬†There is free Internet access via WiFi throughout the house.

–¬†You can park for free near the house.

–¬†Pets are allowed at an additional cost of ‚ā¨ 10 per stay, to be donated to the Animal Shelter¬†Las¬†Merindades.

–¬†We would appreciate if you could let us know your estimated time of arrival when known.